Score the World Film Scoring Competition 2022

Here is my entry for the 2022 Score the World Film Scoring Competition. Thank you to Score the World for creating this opportunity. I hope to be a part of this wonderful experience again next year.


Nice! Well done.
Is this a paid competition of free to enter?
Is it still time to participate? Or at least to download the short movie for practice?
If so could you share the link please?


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Hi Jonathan,

Yes there was a fee -

Submitting work is closed for this year. I’m sure they will be doing it again next year.

Marvin Hamlisch is still open. Film/Media Scoring — Marvin Hamlisch International Music Awards

The film is about 11 minutes long and animated. It’s got tons of cues to write.


Outstanding! Great job with the musical themes, the way you reinforce all the actions, the sounds you used, the orchestrating…I could go on and on. So impressed. Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you very much Steven . . . you’ve got my blushing now bud . . .

Very impressed. You’ve done this before. I’m reminded of the Hanna Barbera cartoon. You have nice library of sounds. Is that Vienna? Very realistic.

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Thank you Cori. I was a big fan of Hanna Barbara cartoons, especially Jonny Quest.

Oh . . . most of it is BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro by Spitfire Audio. The calliope is from the Kurzweil PC2R.