SciFi Synth-Like Sound from a Mouth Harp (Free)

I sampled a mouth harp for a project I’m working on. I sampled multiple plucks from different mouth positions, some open, some mostly closed, to get the variation of resonance that you get when you play a mouth harp. Then I set up the mod wheel to control how open the virtual mouth is so you can play it much like a real mouth harp.

But then I wanted to do something else with the samples so I did some time stretching and some effects processing and put together a sample pack of 3 instruments.

  1. Amateur Mouth Harp Player. This is the standard mouth harp sample with some extra sound effects produced by plucking it in different ways. Mod wheel adjusts the mouth resonance. There are effect switches for reverb, bit crusher, and rotary spin to play with.

  2. Time Warp Mouth Harp. This like the regular mouth harp instrument but everything has been time stretched to give it a strange character. Delay and reverb effects are applied and can be controlled with the interface.

  3. Warped Harp Organ. I took one of the mouth harp plucks and time stretched it to the extreme. Then I looped that sample and mapped it across the keyboard. Then I hooked up a low pass filter to the mod wheel to have a wide control of the resonance of the sound. This one plays like a synth, especially when playing with the mod wheel.

The instrument pack is free to download on the Pianobook website. It was created in Kontakt version 6 and does require the full Kontakt. I made a demo using only this pack.