Samplers: Kontakt vs UVI vs OT vs Spitfire etc

How do you feel about the different sample engines available today?

I personally love the stability of Kontakt, and of course that all major releases use it, but I hate the cluttered and tiny interface, and workflow.

UVI has a really nice interface, great high quality products, but hasn’t really taken off yet.

Orchestral Tools have their own brand new sample engine, which looks promising.

Spitfire has now started using their own sample engine for some of their latest products, which is very minimalistic and clean in design. What about features, workflow?

And of course, which sample engine has the best RAM and CPU performance. I would also love a mix of RAM vs disc streaming as opposed to loading in everything in RAM. Omnisphere, Keyscape etc. does this amazingly well for a good balance! :slight_smile:

well i use mainly kontakt because a lot of library i use run with kontakt
i have also for some composition use eastwest player and best-service Engine
regarding the processor load engine use a lot i have the forst kingdom II library and desert wind, sound great, but the engine use more processor than kontakt
as regard the player from eastwest it is the same use of processor than kontakt
if i had to order my choice on player

1- kontakt
2- eastwest player
3- best service engine

i don’t know about the other player on the market like elastik from zero G

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