Same composition compared with Hollywood orchestra vs Cinesamples core libraries

Hi everyone. If it could be of help to anyone, here comes a short tune recorded twice in two separate libraries. Hollywood Orchestra(strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion) and Cinesamples core(strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion).

It´s not a straight up comparison because the libraries doesn´t contain the same instruments. It´s recorded twice the way I felt best in the two. The orchestration is not the best it´s a sketch. (You will find better professional comparisons on the web)


  1. It´s the same composition recorded in both tunes but it´s not midi copied across.
  2. Some instruments differs because Cinesamples core has been used that doesn´t contain exactly the same instruments as Hollywood orchestra. In HO alto flute, bass flute, and contrabassoon have been used. In Cineorch instead flute, clarinett and bassoon have been used.
  3. The piano in both are The giant from NI. I don´t own any piano from Cinesamples.
  4. The only mixing involved is the low end cut in every instrument to avoid rumble.


Hey man lovely work.

What I hear is two very different but very beautiful libraries.

XD is very wet and HO is extremely dry. I would be looking to mix these two libraries together which would be the best of both worlds. After hearing this though I couldn’t imagine why some say HO is bad, if this is the sound you can get from it.

In response to the piece, it’s a lovely piece… watch out for tryout harmony at the end of the track. You have some parallel movement that is spoiling it a bit. Try to change this into contrary movement so it moves away from eachother. :slight_smile: lovely melody though my friend :smiley: and your automation is on point. The second piece is a touch muddy and the first is a touch lacking but they’re comparisons so it’s great for that :smiley:


Thank you very much. This time absolutely know the mistakes in the song. I sat down planning to do something for the Majestic contest but no matter how much I tried I couldn´t get any ideas. Instead I drifted in to this. Nothing I will continue working on but it was really fun comparing libraries. My standard plugs are CSS, CSB and Albion One. But the more I use it the more I´m falling in love with HO. And Cinebrass, Cineperc and Cineharp is just lovely I think. I often see criticism on HO on forums but I think that the great amount with good work done with it speaks for it self.
I have a period now scrolling through the libraries I don´t use that often. It´s a shame if they don´t get used. I´m now writing a piece with NI symphonic strings which I almost never use.


After listening to this I’ve concluded that the hate is mearly because thd libraries are so old. Age shouldn’t be a factor but apparently in this case it is.

Though cine-orchestra is around 10 years old itself isn’t it. An don’t be so harsh this is a great piece. Well done! And thank you


Think your right about that many probably just don´t like it because it´s old. Just look what @ComposerEverett has done with it.
Looking forward to your next video.


How kind of you to say that!!

Yes, I’d have to say all the major libraries, Hollywood included, are comparable as far as quality goes. No one library “blows away” another.

Even the Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, which is my least favorite library, can be made to sound lovely.

I think the pricier libraries—Berlin and Vienna—may be modestly superior in some ways, but it’s still not worlds different.

I do love the dryness of HO, although I thought the richness of CineSamples was nice here.


Nice job! Your melodies are so catchy, it really gets stuck in your head listening to it. Im used to writing for actual musicians so I haven’t experimented much with sound libraries. This experiment definitely helped me out though so I’ll look into it.


Yes I agree, spitfire symphony is my least favourite too I still to this day don’t understand why people buy it. They’ve just released an abbey roads orchestra. Sounds exactly like albion 1. So disappointed because they’re turning into a money grabbing company in my eyes. At least in terms of what they’re creating. I really want to see them make more experimental of unusual stuff but they just don’t. Such a shame.


One thing I think would be exciting is this: since Cinesamples have a core and a pro library of both brass and woodwinds but not strings it would be interesting if they released that. Although their strings are not my goto today.

The pieces both sound really great! Deciding which is the better one is a bit like choosing between your two favorite kinds of ice cream. Like them! :smiley:

In my opinion both libraries do a very good job when it comes to lush sounds and broad carpets… all these long notes. But I discovered that HO does quite poor when it comes to clear, aggressive ostinatos. I needed to do a lot of compression to get that straightforward sound I was looking for, that’s why I bought Heaviocity’s Novo Library (in a discounted bundle together with Forzo :+1: and Vento :-1:).
It really does it’s job with these crisp ostinatos I wanted but the legatos etc. sound super cheap. Conclusion: I’m using HO for long notes and sound carpets and Novo for short notes. Problem solved. :heavy_check_mark:


I think both have strength and weaknesses. All in all over the hole picture I think HO might suite me a little better. But for speciality I come back over and over again to Cinebrass and Cineharps. My personal opinion in the case with the comparison here above I think HO wins with a small margin. But then I’ve also taken to account the playability. I finished a little faster in HO. It was also a little easier with the dynamics. But as always personal reference. Next project can just as well be in Cinesamples.

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