Sahara night composition

Hello all composers
here is my last composition for a facebook group the composer challenge group
for this contest we had to compose a track with just 5 notes ( E,F, G, G# and A#)
a lot of instrument classical and ethnic
the instrument used
dududk, santor, flute, picolo in low range, clarinet, oboe, double bass, string solo con sordino, string ensemble staccato, string ensemble long sustain, orcestral essential percussion (timpani, belltree, big drum, cymbals) ethera 2.0 drone pad, eastwest cloud voice of passion, best service forest kingdom II for the djembe


Fantastic with so few notes. Really captured arabic sound.

Nicely done, I like the arabic scales (and other exotic scales!).
That group sounds interesting, is it called “Composer Challenges”? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for your feedback, yes the group on FB is composer challenges

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Thank you, found it! Looks like they put up quite a few challenges… :flushed:

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