Sad Music Contest - UNCERTAINTY - Piano Impromptu & strings

Note: I will be fully honest here: this is not a new song but I just noticed this contest and it is august 26th so not enough time for me to compose something new. I just wanted to share to get some feedback if you want. Thanks and sorry for that, I will try to compose a new one for the next contest! :slight_smile:

This song is an improvisation I made and recorded, playing on my upright piano, a Heintzman & Co. 1912.

It is in direct relation to my father being in a coma for 2 days after surgery at that time. He has passed away 1 year after that due to the same reason: cancer.
You can feel the uncomfortable situation, uncertainty and distress in the music.


very beautiful piece. But only one thing I would like to mention is that the piano is a little bit too loud.

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Wow. That was great Jonathan. A very sad situation, but all of that emotion definitely came out in the music; sadness, confusion, distress, loss, even a bit of perspective or thoughtfulness. Every note just had so much weight. Well done!

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Thanks a lot for your feedback Klaus. Much Appreciated.

Yeah the piano is the main instrument here so I wanted the strings to be a little bit less loud than the piano so it keeps the main spot.

Thanks so much MeastroX! Music is definetly more powerful when emotions are very present. Even if it is for hard times like this, it feels good to let out that burden and to express myself. Music is the best way to fo this for me and many others I’m sure.

If I keep a positive thing from this experience it is that his death will have force me to make the move and buy a MIDI keyboard and a new PC and finaly record my ideas.

That is a nice gift as I will never stop composing now. My life has changed but at least this is a positive aspect of this huge loss.

Thanks again

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It’s good to see the positive in such sad situations. I have had a similar experience; I’ve always wanted to compose music but for years I didn’t spend the time working at it. After my good friend committed suicide, it forced me to spend more time studying and practicing composition since I could no longer spend time with friends and, well, here I am now.

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Sorry that you had to experience a friend’s suicide… :slightly_frowning_face:
So we have similar situations…
Being able to start composing more regularly from all this is at least a good thing. Life is so impredictable sometimes.

I will try to find you take on this contest to listen to it.

Keep it up.


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I think piano and any solo instrument is an incredible combination. Piano and a solo string is a great combination, especially for sad, emotional music.

I like the legato/slide you have on the strings. That definitely adds to the sad tone.

This is a great piece and arrangement. Your father would be (and should be) proud.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Marcus,

Well thanks so much for your kind words!

Yeah the intimate compatibility between a piano and solo string instrument is very nice. Sometimes to keep things simple is a better way to express ourselves.

I have at least another recording or two of a similar piano song I played that I need to make something out of it. I will add some solo cello or viola over it again, or maybe both.

Thanks again,


No problem. Sounds like you are close to having an EP or album ready to distribute.

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Haha, I would love to distibute an album one day for sure, but I write in 4 different styles (Epic orchestral, intimate piano like here, Trance EDM and hybrid metal) so I only have a couple song in each style that are ready so maybe I should concentrate only on one style… haha!
It depends on how I feel at any moment. But yeah, one day for sure.

I did buy an account with Distrokid but have not distibuted anything yet. Maybe I got the account to early or maybe I should start letting out some songs. It is a bit scary… I want all those to be perfect but they are not… So I may get there latter this year.

No rush. Sounds like you have an idea for 4 possible short projects (maybe 3 songs each); 1 project highlighting each style you create.

I also sometimes only release singles with DistroKid; release 1 song/track every few days.

Either way, this is a great piece!

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