Sad Music Contest - A Glimpse into the Past

A glimpse into the Past

  1. Vision
    One day she woke up and went to the bathroom and remembered her eight years
    old daughter who passed away last year. But in her mind she is still there and she can
    see her everywhere.

  2. Composition
    Tempo: 56bpm
    Time Signature: 6/4
    Key signature: C minor
    Instruments: Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Harp, Cimbalom, Celesta, Glassmarimba, Taiko, Solo violin and solo Cello, Strings.

Chords: Cm - Fsus2add6 Cm - Fsus2add6
Modulation to Em
Polychord : (vertical) Am / Dmajor
Form: ABA

  1. Genre: Sad Music
    I think sadness is attitude to a huge unexpected change - there happens things to something or someone which you feel good. this good ceases its goodness. It is an event that have an impact on you.

    A Glimpse into the Past
    a glimpse into the past (youtube)

Klaus Ferretti


Hi Klaus,
this is a wonderful piece. I love the almost crying strings in there.
Could also be a nice score for a dramatic disney scene. Very well done!

Sincerely yours,

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Thanks for your time to listen and for your nice comment

Nice job! It sounds like something you would hear in a big space with lots of echoey reverb. I’m feeling a Lord of the Rings kind of vibe in here.

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Justin Laukat thanks for listening

Lovely Klaus. I’m listening while thunder and lightning outside and it adds to dramatic sound perfectly! Now I’m thinking of an old abandoned Victorian mansion with a lonely old ghost :cry: Very well done!

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Hi Matt seewald
thanks for listening and your comment on this one.

Wow! What a great piece, a real winner if you ask me. Beautifully mixed and mastered, very imaginative. What can you say, a real delight. I am following you on Soundcloud now. Thanks for submitting that.

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Hello Gary Lehrer
Thanks for your time to listen and your very nice comment

Klaus - the timpani makes a nice haunting voice and contrasts nicely with the lyrical solo violin. Lots of creativity in your instrumentation, almost too much to the point of being distracting to the nice sad sustained tone you had set. Still, you have some nice colours in there.

A note on your video titles - be careful with white text on a light background. I wasn’t able to read your title in the video.

Great work overall and I enjoyed it.

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Thanks Brandon Walker for your comment. I mean it is tightrope walk when come up to think about the instrumentation. Which instrument fits to the mood.
Yes that´s right a white text with a light background is not a good decision.

Beautiful. Emotional. Especially when that sad solo violin comes in. Incredible music. Also…inspiring.

Thanks for sharing!

I love it Klaus. Perfect match with the topic. Very evocative and moving. Your works are always amazing and very well finished. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Hello Vicente Sanchez
thank you very much for your comment