Ryzen 9 3900X or Ryzen 7 3800X - Which one to choose?

Hi guys, I’m in a process of building a new custom PC intended for music production.

My main dilemma at the moment is if getting Ryzen 9 3900X is an overkill?

Like everyone here, I use Kontakt libraries and other CPU hungry plugins, and I’m debating if I should go for the top or settle for “2nd best” with Ryzen 7 3800X?

Just to throw in some quick comparison specs for both:

Does anyone have any experience with AMD lately? I’ve been an Intel guy for more than a decade and the most recent reviews seem to be in AMD’s favor.

But from that comparison table, it seems Ryzen 9 3900X is the most powerful between both and has much more ram ! so i think the choice should be easy ! or there is something i’m missing about ryzen 7 ? for me i will go for ryzen 9 eyes closed ^^ ! i think for music production the most important specs to look at are RAM, processor and GPU !

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for more details on your cpu performance you can go on cpubenchmark
here is the result of benchmarh for the ryzen 9

and here for the ryzen 7

ryzen 9 has a global score of : 31890
ryzen 7 has a global score of : 24572


I would be temped to go for the 9 3900x - it’s got more physical cores (12) virtually 24 threads.

One think to check is your motherboard is not going to bottleneck your cpu or gpu. Get the best you can afford - if you can get newer chipsets that support PCIe 4.0 and DDR4 - AMD tend to rely on fast memory to reduce latency.

Kontakt wise ideally you want fast storage - if you can stretch to it SSDs or maybe hybrid drives it will help or a fast traditional HD. Get plenty of memory as well.

A multithreaded cpu will really be good good for plugins that are cpu hungry like synths and reverbs and it’ll mean you can run more tracks.

I helped a friend build a pc recently for 3d graphics and the ryzen are definitely more bang for buck than intel at the moment. Do your research and get components that work well together ( for example some motherboards will only support upto certain clock speeds for memory etc). Are you thinking of over clocking - if you do make sure you have a good power supply and cooling.

Getting a better cpu build components will future proof you to some degree as well.

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I already have 1x m.2 SSD and 2x SATA SSD drives that help with library load speed A LOT. So I’m kind of set when it comes to storage, as I’ll transfer that to the new PC.

Here’s the list of components I picked so far:

I also have a graphics card on my current setup (1060 GTX) that I’ll transfer to the new build.

Do you think that Aorus Pro is a good pick for a motherboard in this case?

For the money the gigabyte board is really good - think you’d have to fork out quite a bit more to get better performance - really like gigabyte boards - well made and usually have plenty of features - only negative is it just has a hdmi but other than that as long as it has enough PCIe slots etc for you it should be good.

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That’s what I thought, it should be fine for some basic overclocking but even then, I don’t think I’ll really have to overclock 12 cores for the purpose of music making. At least I hope I won’t have to! :rofl:

think you’d have to fork out quite a bit more to get better performance

Do you have any suggestions, which one would be a better pick, performance-wise?

Aorus extreme but its really expensive and I’m not sure than you would really gain that much - it should have thunderbolt for this price as well which it doesn’t.

If you want lots of usbs and good connectivity then it might be worth looking at Asus ROG Crosshair 8 Hero WiFi

I think though the Aorus pro should be good unless you need more connectivity.