Ryan Leach October 2022 Composing Competition

This is my entry for the Ryan Leach October 2022 Composing Competition. The scoring challenge was to write a 90 second solution that reflects the artwork’s story and can be performed by the 30-piece Czech National Symphony Orchestra. The notation program I used was Dorico Pro 4 with NotePerformer 3 as the playback engine. Thank you to all for offering this challenge. It was a pleasure to work on.


This is a very atmospheric piece, which seems to be a mixture of weirdness and struggle. :smiley:


Clinton, Wow- lots of motion and spookiness going on there. Like a dark and stormy night. Really like your approach to the image.

Here is my entry. Entitled “Boo! Did I scare you?”, in honor of my niece, who as a small child would sit next to me and say the above multiple times in the course of a few minutes. :^)

All done on my ipad using the notation software Staffpad, with just the default instruments for the sounds.


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Very well done Steven. Good storytelling solution! The pizzicato sections work really well to hold our interest and wonder what’s coming (great foreshadowing). I think you’ve got a winner . . .

Clinton- thanks for your encouraging words! Good luck to both of us!


You can feel the movement and you get swept up into it.

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Love it! It has a Spanish flair. Love the ending. Perfect!

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Fun piece Steven. Good luck in the contest! Love Halloween, my favorite time of year. Maybe I’ll do an album of spooky/horror music after I finish my Ghostblade album…whenever that may be.


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Thank you . . .