Ryan Leach July 2022 Composing Competition

Here’s my entry into the Ryan Leach July 2022 competition.

The goal was to write a piece of music no longer than 90 seconds, inspired by a particular picture, which you will see as the background to my video.

In watching Ryan’s video discussing the previous competition, he mentioned that pieces with interest and surprises were looked upon favorably, so I tried to write something fun and upbeat and a little bit quirky, but still relatable to the picture.

The music represents sunrise in this hillside village. It opens with the birds and insects coming to life, followed by the first hint of the melody, and then goes on from there.
The song is in 4/4, E major. Primary chord pattern is E, A, F# maj, B.

Instruments used:
Almost everything is from Cinesamples Cinesymphony Lite. There is a piccolo from the BBCSO Discover, as well as a bass trombone. And then a bass clarinet and some female voices from the Kontakt factory library.

I hope you enjoy!


amazing composition

Thank you!

Great job Steven. Fits the picture perfectly. I liked the idea of the “chirping” woodwinds.

Thanks, Matt! I was picturing it being sunrise, and all the birds and frogs and bugs are waking up. Very glad you caught that!

Thanks for listening and commenting!

This composition is perfect! It’s a winner— And an excellent example of the idea that happy music can build, not just epic or war music. Great use of a touch of quirkiness, and very good to tie together the beginning and end with bird tweets. This piece is a listener’s paradise. Thanks for composing it.

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Thank you for listening and your kind words!