Reminiscences (Epic / Orchestral)

Greetings Fellow Composers!

Here’s my next release in my musical journey. Feel free to check it out and give any kind of feedback or critique.

As mentioned in the introduction section, I’m just an ordinary self learned music enthusiast from Finland.

Tempo: 65 / 85, 4/4
I believe the key is Bbm as the musical theory is not my strongest asset :slight_smile:
Chord pattern or progression is simple: Fm / Db / Ab / Eb, switching Db to Bbm every now and then.

The creative vision actually kicked in when I got the whole song structure and some of melodies in place. I also made a modest video to support the vision or feeling what the track eventually provided me. Does the video support the track or does it lead the listener too much? I’ll let you decide.

As I’m still trying to learn and figure these things up, I’m always seeking the “best practices” or new stuff to try out whether it’s composing, production, mixing or mastering. My personal “lessons learnt” or tryouts were:

  • Less is more, is it? Definitely, but is there still something too much?
  • All instruments in the same reverb bus, try to play also with mic positioning if needed
  • Not to add too much reverb in general and cut / eq some in the low end for some sharpness
  • Reduce / compress overall mids for clarity

Disclaimer: These were just my ”tests” and based on my previous findings from my tracks or ideas, what I’ve read and some own a-ha moments. Those got some job done from my perspective. Question is that did I over cook it?



Really liked it.
I shouldn´t give you feedback since you´re doing it much better than me. But if I were to say something: I would have had a little more reverb. But that´s just because I love much reverb in epic music. I saw you wrote that you don´t want to much so take this as criticism.

I want to believe that there shouldn’t be any restrictions based on how good or bad someone is. Anyone can be a listener and the feedback can be given according to that. I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone but in some cases the general feedback can actually be much better than pin pointing some lone technical detail. Let’s say that someone says “I got a feeling that this song is too much on my face all the time”. As a composer / producer you need then actually think what are the details that actually affect to that feeling. I believe in that way the learning experience is much more stronger.

</end of nonsense>

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated. Notes taken :slight_smile:


@RSM @Fredrik To confirm what Riku just wrote. Yes please, never hold back on feedback. As long as it is constructive and you mean well, even if you are a beginner yourself you can share your thoughts on what you would do differently. :slight_smile:

Sometimes even someone not doing music (like your friend) can open your eyes to some things you did not think of in your music.

After all not every listener is pro:slightly_smiling_face:

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I understand what Fredrik is saying cause that’s also happening to me often ^^ ! when you don’t have a lot experiences, it’s not easy to critique music of those guys that are doing well than you ^^ !
concerning the track i think overall it’s fine ! the only thing i want to talk about, it’s the pulsating bass starting from 1:30 i think it’s a bit loud, sometimes clashing with the choir for the lead, for me the level should be decreased a bit to leave choir and strings foreground !

While I understand why you might think that, I don’t believe anyone should worry, because all people can give their feedback. It’s just a way to add new ideas and perspectives. :slight_smile:

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Hey Riku can’t add anything that’s already been said without walking through it bar by bar. But I’ll help you out with the key. You are in Fm Lydian:)

I didn’t mean to start a topic on feedback just wanted to clarify that I tell my skill as a composer in case the one who gets it wants to know if it comes from a pro.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Hi Riku,

well i really like Bb as key and i like this warm and empathic sound. That counter melody is amazing!
Btw, it reminds me a bit of the soundtrack of Speed
Keep going like this. Wanna be youtube friends with me?

Best Regards

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