Released: Dreamcatcher - A celeste library by Triple Spiral Audio

Dreamcatcher is a celeste library for the full version of Kontakt 6.5.1+ (does NOT work on the free Kontakt Player) and is available at the introduction price of €29.95 (MSRP €39.95 - VAT included) till 1 August.

Sampled from a 5 octave Schiedmayer celeste, Dreamcatcher is an instrument with 3 microphone positions, 4 round robins and 4 dynamic layers. I wanted to create an instrument with a beautiful and rich sound and options to create a beautiful sound and ambience that works good in both orchestral and non orchestral productions. To achieve this, 5 effects and a reverse option are available to tweak and enhance the sound. You can simply add a touch of reverb or delay for a little ambience or completely transform the sound with some of the new Kontakt 6 effects such as Phasis, Choral and Flair.

30 Snapshots have been added to the main celeste instrument with settings to get you started with the different microphone positions and as well a collection of ambiences created with the included FX. Also included there are 16 seperate pads + soundscape instruments with sounds ranging from beautiful atmospheric to mysterious and haunting.


  • 1803 samples (losless NCW compressed) and 1.93 GB in size
  • 1 main celeste instrument + 16 pads and soundscape instruments
  • 3 microphone positions (Close, Mid and Far)
  • 4 round robins + 4 dynamic layers
  • 5 octave range
  • 30 snapshots
  • 5 FX (Delay, Reverb, Phasis, Choral and Flair)
  • Dedicated FX control page
  • Reverse option


  • Requires the full (paid) version of Kontakt 6.5.1+ and does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player
  • 1.93 GB free HD space
  • Downloaded with the Pulse Downloader
  • There are 2 playlists with demo’s for Dreamcatcher

1: A suite of 5 short miniatures that I wrote for the library to showcase it in a more “traditional” way

2: A playlist with a selection of demos written to showcase the main celeste instrument, but also the included snapshots + pads and soundscapes

Walkthrough video: