Relaxing Music "Shimmer"

Shimmer is a video I created for the competition

Here is my submission for the relaxing music contest

Track Description
A light track which I hope is pleasing on the senses and will induce a relaxed mood

My Creative Vision
I have attempted to make a ‘shimmering’ effect with little vertical movement of notes in the chords and melody

Composition Overview
The chord sequence is fairly simple
C - Csus4 - C - Csus4 - C - Csus4 - G - F

It is in 4/4 time at 70bpm

Main Sounds

I subscribe to EW composer cloud so most of the sounds are from their sound libraries. I use a lot of reverb on the brighter instruments (not on the low end orchestral).

I also have applied EQ to the mid frequencies (1-5kHz) and a little compression.


Beautiful song. Direct and simple but effective for a relaxing goal.
I think that some bass lower notes are a little bit untuned. Take care of this instrument when playing that tessitura.

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Thanks for the positive feedback. I really appreciate this.
The bass is a sampled electric bass played finger style from ew composer cloud sound library.
I will watch out for this tuning issue in future

Really easy to listen to - I guess that’s the relaxation part! Very nicely done!

It’s funny because the title “Shimmer” represents the feeling I have in this piece, and I really like it, would really see that in a love scene. Yeah and as @VSHDEL said some of the lower bass notes seem untuned and therefore lower quality.

The bass comprised a fingered bass guitar playing root notes and I had added a cello track playing the thirds. both tracks in the same octave. This resulted in a muddied, out of tune sounding bass.

Since the competition ended, I have deleted the cello track. I also changed the bass to a Fender Jazz bass. Thanks for your valued comments.

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I really love it! Even more now!