Relaxing Music: Original theme sketches from the upcoming game, Chalk Stories – Lonely Oni

This is my original theme sketch for Chalk Stories - Lonely Oni, which also happens to be relaxing (quite intentionally). There are 3 versions of the main theme here, we’re still working out the mechanics of how each theme will weave into and out of focus depending on what’s happening in the game. There are some other themes, too, which will surface based on events / interactions within the game.

Artwork is by me, too… took this as an opportunity to start learning to use Procreate.


Nice! I’m very much a “visual” composer, meaning that I try to let the music form images in my mind and imagine a scene that derives from what I hear. Not all music can do that, but your piece certainly does. While listening, I was seeing images from Japanese cartoons, or Manga. A woman sitting by her window, looking out on a view of her garden with a cityscaoe, far in the distance, puffy white clouds floating past in the pale blue sky, with meandering swallows and a gentle breeze brushing the leaves of a deep red acer tree. A calm scene.
A couple of thoughts occurred to me, while listening. About 30 seconds in, I half expected to hear Bjork start to sing, as it had that organic, but rhythmic feel that she is so good at. Towards the end, I was suddenly reminded of Mike Oldfield’s “Killing Fields” by your rhythmic chimes, one of my favourite pieces by him.
Well done! :+1:

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Amazing. Completely inmersive.

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Thank you very much @romeosapien! I compose “visually”, too, creating a space / scene I can “see” in my head. Sometimes I can see it before I start writing, and sometimes it forms while I’m writing, and then I take it down the path that has suddenly opened in my mind. Then other times (often), 3-5 paths form as I’m relistening, and I have to take them all in different versions!

Re: the Bjork comment - are you suggesting having an organic, “vocal” element to the piece? I like that! I might add some aspect of that in as I expand the theme versions for the game.

High praise, evoking mental linkages with Bjork and Mike Oldfield, thank you :pray:

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