Relaxing music entry: "Gone but not forgotten"

This is my first track using chords I actually chosed on purpose before composing the song (4th song total since last october when I began using MIDI keyboard and orchestral sounds etc) .

I used a new tool for me called:
Very usefull for a beginer like me who does not read music very much.

So here is my song about my father who passed away last october (sad but relaxing also):

“GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN” - Mistral Unizion - Composer: Jonathan Bougie-Lauzon #SoundCloud


Hey man sounds great! Really liked the sounds you chose and the online tool for chords is a very good piece of kit to have for anyone. Pros or beginners alike I think. I can imagine it could either spark creativity, or even act as a tool to pick progressions when your away from the computer. Bravo. Very moving piece. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Can´t say it enough. I love this dreamy, meditative kind of music that lets your mind drift.
Well done.

I´m sorry about your father.

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Thanks so much for your kind words. Very much appreciated! Yes this tool is amazing because you can email yourself the sketch of chords you had in your head at that time of day, away from computer.

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Thanks a lot! Very nice of you.

I lost my father too when I was 13. Sorry to hear that you lost your father too…

I like the song, its a bit sad but I can understand that completely. Good job of putting your feelings in this one.

Thanks so much for your comments. Sorry for your father. 13 is way too young to loose your father… At least I was 40 and had lots of time with him arround.

Music is a very good way to express emotions that would otherwise not get out do easily.

Wish you the best. Do you have a Soundcloud account? Would like to hear your songs.


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It sound beautifull. As a feedback only I could say that the strings are always too loud. It could be interesting changing this volumen along the piece to make it more evolutive and making the listeners emotions evolute with it.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback.It is very well received. I will open the project again to make some tests by playing with the volume of the strings.

Have a good day! :slightly_smiling_face: