Recommendations for a Fader box?

Hey all,

Thinking to invest in a fader box, to control and record on the fly modulation and expression mostly. What would you recommend? I really need a small box as I am travelling quite often, 2 faders will do!

Im curious too so thought I would try to find out too, here are some I found so far that may work? I think you have to assign one of the knobs or faders to work for modulation.

Akai Professional MIDImix MIDI Control Surface

Behringer XENYX 1002B 5-Channel Compact Mixer

korg volca mixer

Yamaha AG03 USB Mixer

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Hey @RomainQuessaudJSZ!

I use the Faderport/PreSonus. It’s working great with S1, but should work with other DAWs too, as far as i know. It’s a great build / solid stuff. Give it a try, i believe that you will love it.

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Alexey :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot guys! I have to have a think about it, they all look great, but I think at the moment I’m more looking at a super compact/small gear. I’m often on the move and already don’t have much space left in my bags! Was thinking something more like Palette Gear type of DIY fader boxes.

like this?

Ohhh. That looks great, but do you think I can use this strictly as a midi fader box? (while still having an other audio interface?) I mean, could be another option to just swipe it and have it all in one

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I’m thinking yes because it functions like a mixer, so yeah should work? You can assign which device you want used as an audio interface instead of this one I believe.

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I use an iPad with TouchOSC which has pre mixer for Logic Pro X more comprehensive that Logic remote. You can use TouchOSC to create your own midi maps and therefore if you are apple I recommend. If not the Korg nanokontrol 2 is the Best Buy.

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Hello all I just wanted to let you all know that I have configured TOUCHOSC on my iPhone to use the Spitfire Controller especially expression, dynamic, reverb, release, tightness and vibrato. I makes your phone the controller. If you have Android you can do also, I have just used this. I also use TouchOSC logic layout for mixing also.

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Hi Robert, is it working all well? I might give it a go as well, that could be a great solution!

Hello Robert, I’ve followed your advices and tried to connect TOUCHOSC on my macbook, so I could do the same as you and control those parameters with Spitfire BBCSO. I am really poor at anything technical, do you have any documentations that you’ve followed to set that up? I seem to have connected everything, yet there’s an issue when assigning MIDI CC to my faders within TOUCHOSC; they seem to be all linked to each other (I changed to MIDI channel to a different one for each faders). Any ideas how to fix that? How can I get more control to assign each fader to a specific MIDI CC? Thanks a lot!

Here we go. Link to my touchOSC layout My spitfire control link
TouchOSC editor documentation

Video tutorials there are 5 by Performing arts tech

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