Reading Material

I know I know… Books are played out. But Ive learned a lot from the books listed below about orchestration in general.

  1. Principles of Orchestration, Rimsky Korsakov- This is basically a one stop shop for all things orchestration. It has examples from his own works that really help with identifying subtle things you can do to change the all around timbre of your composition. I learned a lot about woodwind composition from this book.

  2. Orchestral Technique, Gordon Jacob- This is a pretty nice book too. Its very comprehensive, and really good for reference later on. The exercises at the end of each chapter lead the reader from gradual stages of writing to more complex levels later on.


The written word will never be obsolete, at least I hope not! :slight_smile:

I am more of a visual learning myself, but I read music theory and harmony books, and if they have lots and lots of pictures it helps :stuck_out_tongue:

That principles of orchestration seems to have become somewhat of a holy book among composers, haha. I have not read it, but planning to. Thanks for the push! :wink:


Hi everyone,
I hope I am not being rude here that is not my intention

I heard about this book on voice leading for guitar I posted it in thread voice leading but if it would be ok I add it here in Reading Material Thread

I was wondering if anyone has heard of it before it a old book

Voice Leading for Guitar Moving Through the Changes (BK/CD)
By John Thomas

I am so much a visual learner videos ,photos ,visual cheat sheets on a complex topic is way better for me to understand

Thanks for


Thank you Brian, the purpose of this entire community is to learn and share tips, resources, help, guides and level up our knowledge together, so of course your post is super welcome. :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard about that specific book personally, as I am focusing on more general music theory as opposed to specific to an instrument.