Re-orchestrated/remixed track, "A Scary Krampusnacht To All!"

Hello everyone!

I haven’t been putting out a whole lot of music this year for various reasons, but mainly due to focusing on composing a full album, film score/game score style, for Ghostblade which I have been wanting to do for a while now. Hopefully I can have the first track done soon for feedback.

In the meantime, Here is a track of mine I wrote a couple of years ago that I re-orchestrated and remixed with some new sample libraries. This is re-imagining of, “Jingle Bells.” But as I prefer Halloween to Christmas :grin: I rewrote it using harmonic minor/Phrygian dominant scales to give it a darker creepier sound and style.

The samples used in this version are mainly from Spitfire: BBCSO for most of the percussion and the solo bassoon, Studio Strings and Intimate Strings and a solo horn from Cinematic Studio Brass.

Happy holidays to you all!

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Very professional and wonderful piece of music. Loved it. Great sounds.

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