Rates for arrangement work

Hi all, I was looking for some insight about payment rates. As a composer I see myself being frequently hired by other composers for arranging work for mainly commercials for rather big clients. As a session pianist they need me redoing/rewriting piano and other keys related parts from scratch. There is a thin line between composing and arranging in some of these projects. Especially when I receive a drum beat with a bassline and I’m the final icing on the cake. I have no issue’s making backend deals with them when I deserve them though.

The question has only to do with basic rates. Because I worked on adds as a composer myself, I know the range of project budgets that come with this. It’s hard for me to determine my rate as an arranger compared to the relative large sum of frontend and backend the composer (who hires me) gets. Normally a project like this takes me less than 60 minutes, briefing/revisions included. Most of the time I don’t have backend payments as a non-composer apart from neighboring rights as a performer.

  1. When I have a fixed hourly rate I get punished for it because I work fast and only work for about 60 minutes. Or I need to triple it the bigger clients get…

  2. I cross a line when I ask for % of the total project music budget forcing in some way to let the composer reveal what he earns. Is not really my business. I would think the same as a composer.

  3. If I have to believe the Musicians Union in the UK, standard fee for arranging is 57,07 pound per hour, which is ridiculous in a 4 to 10k 15 > 30 second commercial for big clients (music/sound alone).

  4. Having to negotiate per project seems not to be a good idea also because when they call me they want it quick. That’s the whole purpose hiring me.

I wonder how to tackle this. What is fair? Thanks!