Rains of Vanaheim - a Toto-Africa cover/parody based on God of War Ragnarok

Genre/Style: 80’s Pop Rock with a video game theme

Creative Vision for the Track: There are some runes on a wall that can be found while exploring in God of War Ragnarok that translate to “I bless the rains of Vanaheim.” An obvious reference to the song Africa by Toto. So I wrote new lyrics that go along with the game and recorded a cover of the song.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Tempo is around 94, key is most likely A.

Main Instruments used:
Drum kit is a mix of a few different kits from Logic.
I recorded extra percussion: a homemade shaker, a pumpkin, a frog-shaped guiro, a soup can, and a washboard.


  • Synth brass pad mixture from Native Instruments Retro Machines MK2
  • African Marimba from Musio
  • The Decent Sampler Kalimba
  • Bosendorfer Piano from EastWest
  • The keyboard solo was a layering of: the Musio marimba, the Decent Sampler Kalimba, some pads from the Kontakt factory library, an Embertone recorder called Ivory Wind, a sample I made called BeerBottleFlute, Retro Machines Mini Flute, and Decent Sampler Quena Flute
  • I recorded other mic’d instruments: Acoustic Guitar and Trombone
  • The lead guitar and bass I recorded through my PositiveGrid Spark amp

For the vocals I recorded them using a Sudotack USB mic. For the lead vocals and some of the higher vocals I recorded each part twice for a natural chorus effect. I was starting to come down with a cold so I had to cheat on some of the very high parts by shifting everything a couple half-steps down to record and then shifting my recorded vocal back up.

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Lots of fun Mike! Not too familiar with the original (that keyboard part sound familiar though) bbut it was cool seeing you do all the instruments and vocals. I have a ton of instruments, but unfortunately no real space to record live, other than electric guitar/bass.

Happy New Year to you.

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