Rainfall Serenade (Beautiful Music - Romantic/Nostalgic)

This is rather timely. I had just finished this about a little over 2 weeks ago.

Was meant to be used for the purpose of the menu select screen for this game.

I’d like to say a special thanks to David Tardy for helping me find the instrumentation I needed for the track.

Thank you for listening!


Really great track - mix is really good. The harp is lovely what did you use?

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Thank you, Phil!

I used CineHarps as it had a lot of freedom to work with. Figured I’d invest in it since I have another game lined up with a similar theme. Wish I had better strings that followed my swells and decrescendos better but I already starved a few meals for the harps.

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Beautiful composition brother! I like the delay on the piano and wonderful use of CineHarps!!!

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Great piece. Congratulations on landing these games. Is there a reason why they (or you) didn’t go with this piece for the menu screen?