Question about piano notation / scoring & randomness

Hello, I am new at formal composing, though I have been involved with music & bands for years. I started composing during the pandemic. I know this forum is for professional composers, but I did sell one clip on Pond5, so does that count?

Anyway, my question is simple and probably dumb. But here it goes.

In the score I am working on, I have a passage, a few measures, of piano that is actually some random tinkling of a somewhat specific range of notes. Rather than notate something that would look rather odd and difficult, is it possible to notate this some other way, with some text instruction? If so, what would that look like?

Just to be clear, these are not tone clusters, they are not chords, it’s just random tinkling (but set within a certain range).

Many thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hi Vincent, welcome to the forum. First, by “professional,” it’s meant courteous, respectful and fair.We’re here to help each other out and progress as composers, so all levels are welcome!

Second, for your question, I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but if you mean an improvised section, you could notate it as a cadenza. If you literally mean random notes as in non melodic, you can write a starting and ending note for the passage if you want and simply write the instruction to play randomly. If you want the musicians to do something very specific (like playing backstage or in the balcony!) just write those specific instructions on the score.

Hope that answers your question!


That helps, thanks a lot