Quartet for Virtual Strings (2023)

Classical-electronic music, virtual orchestraton

Creative Vision for the Track:
To write a virtual string quartet

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
See score

Main Instruments used:
Vienna Symphonic Library solo violin (2), solo viola, solo cello


This is a work-in-progress, 1st movement only is complete.

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Hi Jerry.
This movement is hauntingly beautiful and refreshingly anarchistic. Frees the mind and spirit.
It feels to me that because of the discoveries of the Webb telescope and your own astral work, you may be portraying full outer universes rather than any emptiness in space. So, if this is the case, are you deconstructing Music to express the new awarenesses? Just curious. Anyway, your music is courageous in opening up new vistas, breaking old structures and boundaries- exploratory. Warm Regards, Dori

Hi Dori,

Thanks for the kind comments! I’ve never thought of myself as deconstructing music. I write what pleases my ear and mind, and they I rework, rework and rework it again until it sounds effortless, natural and inevitable.