Professional Sound Interface

Hi Everyone,
for future research and purchase
What would be a good professional Sounding audio Interface That won’t break the bank if that possible
That can record and playback really high sample rates ?

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I would suggest going for Focusrite or Presonus aka. StudioOne companion.

You can go at least till 48kHz, or 96 (usually more expensive).

I believe 48kHz is more than enough for the beginning.

Hope that helps,
Alexey :slight_smile:

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which audio interface do you have presonus or focusrite and which one ?

Audient, MOTU …will go there too …I’m just curious what sample rate do you want to run at ?
44.1 KHz conventional consumer

48 KHz surround sound and tv broadcast…

96 KHz mastering facilities…(not necessarily all of them)
What are you trying to achieve?

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To record and playback at
96Hkz - record found sounds for sound design etc…

So I have plenty dynamic range of room to time stretch and pitch shift and just manipulate and shape ,sculpt each of my recorded audio samples
For sound design or combine many layers for sound effects or create muilt instruments

For music I would use 48Hkz - recording music stuff,my guitar etc…

And for clean up audio I have RX Elements not full version but will help with noisy problems

What Iam looking for and why

Need a audio interface and a good mic for that better then my built iMac mic
Also for recording found sounds like scratches and cracking of glass etc… within my indoor one bedroom apartment

And at this moment for outside field recording
I am using a old iPhone 6 Plus
Trying to save up for a shotgun mini mic for iPhone

And later wanted to buy a Zoom Hn 5 or 6
But money is very tight so I am using what I have and since I donot have great stuff

plus I think are a few good free iOS app

  1. Called Voice Recorder Pro this iOS app
    that allows me to record and settings my metering levels and monitor what I hear as I record
    also can set my sample rate at it maximum 96kHz within the app

2.Measures the sound pressure