Problem with triplet, quintuplet, sextuplet and... more in Logic

Hi guys, I would like to know whta’s the best method to create triplet, quintuplet etc etc in Logic…

I’m not a pianist but a guitarist… so I make a lot of mistakes when I try to do a live performance :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I was thinking to create a folder with midi created and exported in Sibelius, with a random note in triplet, quintuplet etc so I can import when I want in my piano roll… but it’s annoying and I lose my creative flow and time.

Thank you for your time :pray:t3:

Step input recording, and using your numpad to change note value to triplets etc. :slight_smile:

Or changing the division of the grid with key commands and manually draw in the notes if you want.

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What I found in the Step input recording is only triplet, and it works I don’t get how to do quintuplet or more :open_mouth:

I never work in score view personally, but perhaps that’s the best place for writing unusual rhythmic values manually?

If you mean in the score editor, here’s a tutorial from Apple:

And with MIDI you can just “guesstimate” roughly 5 notes (by clicking, playing, or dragging the MIDI info) and then there’s a pentuplet quantize option (see attached image - at the bottom) :slight_smile:

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Thank you I know about quantize option… but it never works with me :smiley: maybe cuz I’m noob at it hahaha.

However I’ll try it, and I will see if the best method (for me) is to edit with the score ecit of piano roll and quantize :wink:

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To create triplets, six triplets and so on in Logic it’s a bit tricky way, yes you can start with score editor and create a triplet by using notation but if you want to create a six triplet you should open a piano roll and move midi notes closer to each other , in Logic is a pain in the ass lol for writhing down fast passages you always need to move midi notes not even close to each other but overlap note on note, the easiest way I guess is to use a guitar pro lol and yes then you can quantize six triplet but in this case there should be 6 midi notes in piano roll super close to each other like note on note… not Note to Note … but literally Note ON Note!

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Or you can create one whole note in piano roll and then with a help of scissors cut it to small pieces :wink: then move pieces very close to each other and quantize

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