Presonus Studio One 5 Announcement

Very interesting announcement today. I’ve been using Studio One since Version 2 (I’ve been using Version 4 - and its incremental upgrades) for the past 2 years.

Liked everything I saw in the Studio One 5 presentation. Won’t be using the Performance page though but everything else is :fire::fire:

What are your thoughts?

For those who have not seen it here’s the link below - it has a couple of products advertised before it so you can fast forward to Studio One 5


Yup, still using 3.5 due to still running Windows 7… but seriously considering upgrading all around for this. Love their attitude to people’s suggestions “tell me your wishes” indeed. The dedicated key switching track would save so much time and helping ornament my midi like that and with the other updates… damn.

I’m sure there’s many Other cool bits too which would make it worthier of my time and money for an upgrade than V4 did… I’ll be looking at reviews and walkthroughs

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The walkthroughs have already started. Here’s two

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