Preparing for Black Friday 2020

Even if 2020 has been a rollercoaster of bad news. At least we can still be looking forward to Black Friday super deals, right?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Which sample libraries, VST plugins or other tools and gear are you looking forward to get a a big discount? :slight_smile:


I’m still waiting for a sale on Noire from NI and you?
and this neold_v76u73:

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I like to buy a complete orchestra.
I’m still undecided between Spitfire BBCO Core

and the Volume 1 of VSL

What do you suggest?


Oh I have a couple of “potential” products to get. I will especially be looking out for good deals on:

  • Softube Plugins
  • Cinematic Studio Series
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I have Spitfire BBCSO Core, super good value for what you get. It’s a great starting point if you want that complete orchestral package! :slight_smile:


@ Mikael I didn’t realise you had the core version? :open_mouth: I’m so tempted by it!!

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I think that I am covered quite well for what I need, what my music needs. But there still some things that I look forward to.

A 4TB SSD is number one :point_up: on my list. I run a 7200 HDD, and what I could get out of it, still fascinates me, but SSD is still another level. Makes every more smooth.

Plug-in wise, I don’t need much, as I like what I have and I have a lot. However, as we know there are still so much that is great. For example, Softube Pultec series. Love it. I had a workshop with the „real“ pultec inventor, and he told so funny stories, like how crazy Michael Jackson wanted to use the C1B.

I want to try the Weiss Limiting. Didn’t know that it was so huge back then in the days. And the plugin is 100% original, as the original is / was coded, so digital.

Orchestra wise I miss a lot of solo stuff, but I think that in the future I’ll will go with Berlin Series. I love the soundings and the instruments.

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Hi guys. Still wanting as follows:

  • Woodwinds to come from Cinematic studio series.
  • Viola and expansions from Virharmonic
  • Cinewinds pro sale
  • I would also consider Cinepiano
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Yeah, it’s a great all in one orchestra imo. Not the best in any area, but covers everything well enough. :slight_smile:

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Yes, everyone is waiting eagerly for Cinematic Studio Woodwinds. But they do take their fair time in their product development. Which I guess is why they have a stellar reputation. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m pretty well covered when it comes to sample libraries and synths now, so that wishlist is mostly what remains of the “nice to have” section. Currently, I’m more interested in modeled instruments, real instruments, and studio gear.

  • SWAM Saxophones
  • SWAM Brass
  • SampleModeling Strings
  • In-ear monitors. (DT 770 are comfortable and all, but not the most practical for cello and violin.)
  • Oktava MK 102 stereo pair (amazing sound for the money; seem to handle suboptimal rooms gracefully)
  • SE Electronics T2 (large diaphragm, but very linear and transparent; multiple polar patterns)
  • 120 Hz 55" TV for my speaker wall, for less painful Kontakting. (And a proper 4K gaming experience.)
  • A decent flügelhorn
  • A nice viola. (Probably waiting for Corilon’s Opus range next year, though. Very happy with their violin!)

I seem to have “won you over” to the modeling path! :wink:
At least a bit haha. Btw, they confirmed that they will rework SWAM Strings and SWAM Woodwinds to the new engine and user interface. I hope that will improve the sound as well. To me this latest one is the best in terms of sound quality.

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I have both a 4tb ssd and a 4tb Hdd, I can honestly say there’s not a lot of difference in performance… at least in my system… but even if it helps a tiny bit more then I’d say it’s worth it!


I beg to differ, the performance difference of SSD vs HDD has been the single biggest leap in performance I ever felt! :smiley:

Loading time of Ravenscroft piano went from 50 seconds to 3-4 seconds. Just one example! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah my leap in performance was nowhere near that. But as I’ve said it’s my computer that holds me back right now… it’s definitely the bottleneck… which is while I said even if it were a small difference it’s worth getting the SSD :smiley:

But you basically only disagreed with the amount of difference in performance but I still said that it got better. So I don’t see your “differ” :stuck_out_tongue: haha!

I’m very much looking forward to April. I’ll be getting a new Mac, New audio and midi Interface and I may even grab another screen :joy: I’m going screen crazy right now! :joy::joy::joy:

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I think my biggest concern is not only speed, but heat. I don’t have a pc that I cool, and investing in a cool system I don’t want to. And we know that an HDD can be super hot. SSD goes up to 36 Celsius. HDD was just a solition for a period of time, and I know that. So for me and my workflow I want to use a second external SSD.

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That’s a good point. My HDD doesn’t get that hot so the fan doesn’t really come in that much, but the SSD does, maybe it’s also down to the manufacturer of the devices?

My external HDD is the Black Series of WD 7200. I searched for heat etc. but it seems to be normal. And let’s be honest. I already said in one of my videos what the disadvantages are with HDD. I think that for us producers there is only one way to go. SSD for work. HDD for backup, as it is mich cheaper.

That’s how I use mine to be honest. Perhaps I’m not getting a lot of heat because of exactly that. I also use. WD btw. Think they’re great for the price!