Praying in the Oaks Path - Vocal Theme

Hi there,

I would like to show you my last piece. Last weeks I’ve been working on mixing vocals in my songs and I’ve realized that voice is a powerful instrument that adds reality especially when working with virtual instruments.

I didn’t use choral midi instruments. I mean that I mixed real audio recordings of lyrics, actually free samples that everybody can download. I use REASON, and the last versions let you work in a flexible way fusing audio and midi tracks. I’m having a great time with this new possibility.

Lately, I’m using the visual method, so I choose a picture to inspire me and it helps to maintain the target of your composition.

Track Description : It is “semi-epic” song. Very soundtrack influenced but not in a spectacular way. Subtle but in moments it is energetic.

My Creative Vision : I used the picture of a young witch in a meditating mood, deep in a dark forest. I imagine that she is a sorcerer apprentice that struggles with her doubts. I think the lyrics fit the message.

Composition Overview : The music evolution tries to show the changing emotional states of a young student, so, the song contains soft passages and more intense moments. There are several changes from minor to major that reinforce this variating situation. (I’ve got a teenager son, so I know what
instability is :wink: )

Main Sounds : The main weight of the song is supported by the pianos (a polyinstrument that combines different piano sounds in a more complex one)

There is a echoed Zither that add some light in some moments.

The background is filled with some brass combinations (BBC free orchestra instruments), but they stay in the back because I didn’t look for a completely epic sound.

There are 3 vocal layers, one with the main lyrics, with a clear sound. The other 2 vocal layers contain the second voices, with some FX to became more ethereal and adding a magical feelling.

I could be explaining longer about the structure, the parallel channels, the dynamics, the effects,… but I really don’t like to intellectualize it such in a deep and technical way. I prefer telling my motivations and intentions, and some decisions I took for that purpose.

However, if someone wants to know more about any aspect, I will be glad to answer from my modest knowledge.

I hope you enjoy it


This is really incredible, Vicente! Really awesome work, and beautiful melody lines.Thank you so much for posting. I believe you exactly hit the musical imagery you were trying to achieve.

Thank you so much for your words. It is one of my first attemps at mix and manipulate vocals and I’m quite glad with the results. I will keep on learning and improving.