Posting on YouTube again - Eva Cassidy Cover

My version of Eva Cassidys Version - Fields of Gold
Hey everyone, so I decided to start posting on YouTube again. I’ll soon be posting tutorials etc. But for a bit of fun I hope you enjoy this cover I just posted. (Not orchestral)

  1. so obviously I didn’t write this piece but I have changed the harmonic language a bit to be a bit more bluesy/ Jazzish in parts… while also creating more id a singer songwriter feel with the chord voicings I picked.

Key Bm
Chords include a lot of sus4/add6/maj7/dom7.

Counter harmony in piano include add2 on tonic on occasion.

Bass line dances around Tonic, 5th and 6th which gives the phrasing it’s movement. (The counterpoint bit).

I used a few plugins extensively to level out my my mix and add a bit of flavour to the recording. (Mainly waves)

Abbey roads saturator (ac guitars)

Stock logic comp (cajon) on the LA2A CloneSetting.

scheps omni channel (my favourite plugin) on the Cajon And vocals.

Vocal leveller on vocals (2 instances)

Renaissance vox on vocals (That coupled with the leveller really does wonders for vocals.

transient master on Cajon

H Delay on vocals

Abbey roads chamber side chained for room verb.

Valhalla vintage verb sidechained for tail.

No processing on the piano. Didn’t need it.

Mastering chain includes
Izotope ozone 9 (only used the maximiser and imager)
Stock loudness meter
Reneissance EQ (really enjoy this EQ for small tweaks, very transparent)

Guitar x2 (Live)
Cajon (live)
Voice (live)
Piano (recorded live but it’s a blend of labs piano and addictive keys as The labs adds the body that I think addictive doesn’t quite give you).
Shaker (not live. Just reinforces tonic)

If you would consider subscribing that would be very appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to listen!

Fields of Gold -Eva Cassidy (sting)


Subscriped and liked! You have a very good voice and the music itself is also great! Keep on doing what you do!!!

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Ah thanks man I’m very glad you enjoyed it. And very thankful for the subscribe. I’ve just passed 100 subs so today is a happy day. I’m thinking of investing a little more time each week in recording a video to upload!


Nice cover Geoff! :slight_smile:
What kind of videos will you focus on with your YouTube channel? Educational, Tutorials, Tips…or sharing your music?

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Thanks Mikael.

I’ll probably mix it up so it’s flexible. Videos like this take a whole day. So I’ll probably do a mix as tutorials don’t take quite as long :slight_smile: your the one with the experience in this area though. Any tips :wink:

Depends on what “personal brand” you want to create. Mixing things up too much can create confusion for people whether to subscribe or not. Generally on YouTube I think either you focus on education in one/few niches and become seen as an “expert” or go-to person in that field. Or you do the “personality” based stuff like Vloggers, Live Streamers etc.

Interesting. So if I were to do this type of thing then I could add maybe one other, say tutorials. But I’d start to dilute my audience if I pushed it further. Is that right?

Well I don’t think there is a rule book for success on YouTube, as everyone is different. But for me, after making tutorials on a range of various topics within music, as soon I started focusing and making a video series on Logic Pro…that is when my channel started to take off.

So, find a niche that people seem to respond to, and that you have experience in, and also feel like producing content within…and make a video playlist on it. That would be my best advice.

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Ah yeah really insightful. I guess a lot of it must be trial and error. How long has your channel been getting a substantial following for now? All of this is so fascinating to me as I guess I’ve always wanted to do more but it’s only recently that I’ve thought I’ve been proficient enough to do it efficiently. Which is total rubbish really as I’ve had the skills for around ten years. I’m just super slow in moving on things, not sure if anyone can relate to that but I usually have an idea and procrastinate for a long time, then do one or two good attempts, gain confidence and then procrastinate for an even longer time haha!!


I had 4000 subs after 8 years on YouTube from over 150 videos. Then in November 2018 I got the idea to go all in on Logic Pro X tips and tutorials. I immediately saw results, so I stuck with that path, and it has worked for me.


Well done! I look forward to future submissions.

Thank you David! Appreciate you taking the time to listen!

What a nice singing! And very good video production as well. It’s hard to find something that can be improved, maybe the cajon playing could be more meaningfull sometimes (being more rhytm-like rather than percussion like). But I’m a drummer so this can be also my professional deformation :slight_smile:


Aha thank you my friend!

Yes perhaps I could have got a drummer to perform Cajon :wink: that would have definitely helped :stuck_out_tongue: really glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate your feedback!

What a talented man.
I can’t believe you did a cover of one of my favourites singers ever.!!
A huge gift.
CONGRATULATIONS for your voice.
You really made my day.

SUGGEST: another amazing Eva song

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Hey man thanks again! Really glad you enjoyed it. Love that track btw. Maybe one day I’ll do it :smiley:

Beautiful voice and nice presentation I Liked and subscribed Thanks for sharing

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Thank you I’m very happy you liked it

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