Possibly the biggest orchestral plugin news ever (BBCSO by Spitfire Audio)

Oh yes, this is super annoying to browse for libraries, which don’t show up in the normal GUI, but the only way to get rid of it, is making a template, where all your libraries are in, so don’t have to find them and load them @Mikael time and time again. This is what I am doing now, because for example 8dio is one of them…


This is exactly what I do. Though I end up amending my projects soooo often, just to keep things fresh.

Hey guys,

Christian Henderson has uploaded this breakdown of the BBC orchestra. Very detailed analysis of the sounds in practice. He even shows you the three or 4 different versions, so you hear it at its worst and best.

My opinnion - I was got smacked… loved the sound… and he does say nothing is set to the grid, it’s only loose to keep realism which I totally love (obviously not good to do that in library music, but it’s his project so I guess he can do what he likes)

Here’s the link

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I saw this, watched with ear buds and the sound was amazing. Going to re-watch on my studio monitors today. But wow, the sound is silky! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Exactly what I thought. I’ve also thought that he’s obviously really confident in this product as he’s never shown a really raw track before now!

Have you seen the patch one where he makes a logic template for all of the samples?? Apparently it was using 127 gig of ram IN THE BACKGROUND :joy: that’s simply stupendous!! My computer would die straight away!! :joy:

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Did he say 127GB of RAM? Hmm…perhaps this library is not possible for me to use. I only have 32GB and that’s maxed out on my iMac. Logic might get 28GB after the OS and other processes take their RAm.

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Yeah he did, though that’s everything all loaded at once. Just the legatos on their own came to 7 gig. So it’s still usable but I think to use the whole thing you’d need to be bouncing to audio, which is a little less than ideal.

I’ve decided a new Mac before I get this now though :wink:

Oh man I so wish I could afford the new Mac Pro when it comes out! It would solve so many things for me. Not only music composition and production, but I would love to be able to live stream my composing and sound design. Just the live streaming part takes upwards of 50% of my total CPU when using full HD webcam + recording retina screen in full frame rate!

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