PlugSearch for Logic Pro X

Hey guys!

Fir those who use Logic Pro X (as I have always) this will be great.

This plugin lets you open quickly a window to search plugin or instrument in Logic Pro X. It is fast, works swiftly and its not a Malware (I researched the owner/creator, he’s from the Netherlands well known and responds the email inquiry). I did the research because even the browser warned me first… the other Mac alerts I am customer to them… (those about out of the apple store vendors and the SandBoxing issue… and permits…)

This PluGin already turbo speed my workflow, I am not missing that much now BitWig…

I downloaded/Installed the trial and I am sure I will buy it after 14 days…

Heres a cool video about it:


Thanks Marco for posting this, I’m on the forum now too so if you have any questions let me know. The latest version (2.6) is very stable and works with Logic 10.5 and Catalina. And there’s some new features ahead, PlugSearch is constantly progressing.


Hey Rinus, good to see you onboard. Mike here has created this cool forum and is well maintained and growing in topics.

I like very much -as you can see- your Plugin, it’s very good to see its back. I’ll give it another try and comment.

:+1: :+1: :+1:

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As I have understood, Logic till this date hasn’t a function itself to search for plugins, seriously? :joy:

Man, you are so awesome and I am happy for you that you profit because of that!

It’s really embarrassing for a company like this that external people need to find ways themselves to improve the program somehow :laughing:

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LPX, It has its ways; PlugSearch is faster and expedite, way more convenient for us that use many plugins in many different categories.

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I bought the new version of PugSearch a week ago, and I’ve been using it. It is very good and works fluidly. I recommend it, it saves a lot cumulative time some seconds at a time, and makes the workflow great.

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