Plugin that can analyse my Chord Progressions in Logic

There are so many chord plugins, but they all do the opposite of what I want. They help you create chord progressions.

I want a plugin that can analyze a MIDI track (my piano sketch track) and tell me the chords used.

Is there such a plugin out there? Btw, I have no problem analyzing and writing down the chords myself, but it takes time, and that is something I want to save when composing to keep in the flow of things. :wink:

I think the only thing that kind of fits what you want is liquid music

I haven’t tried it but looks interesting if a bit expensive

I checked it out, to me it still looks like all the other tools that “help me create chord progressions”. I want the opposite. I want to record a sketch on piano, and have a plugin analyse the entire chord progression including all passing chords. Are you sure it can do what I need?

My ultimate wish is that Logic introduces a chord track, that also can analyse the entire harmonic progression of the composition. That would be an amazing overview of the track at the top of the sequencer! :slight_smile:

I know this doesn’t answer your question but I occasionally use studio one 4 professional because it has a very good chord recognition. It’s a great feature. Problem with me is that I get more creative without chord recognition cause I have to use my ear more. My brain kind of “relaxes” when the chords are visible. But I think it’s great if I want to work faster with harmonies.

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I have seen the chord track in studio One, it is amazing. The reason I want this feature is because it will serve as a lead sheet whenever I record new parts, like individual harmony lines, new melodies etc. Essentially a visual guide, to speed up my recording process as I will not make 10 retakes every time just because I forgot what the harmonic progression was. Again, it’s not to help me create new chords and progressions, but to show what chords I already recorded so that it is way easier to record monophonic lines in the arrangement that fits the harmonic storyline of my music.

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