Plug-in in Logic manager not suddenly not showing in menu

Not long ago I downloaded a free stereo plugin called “Wider” and found that I liked the effect in some of my tracks. I have used it a few times without a problem.
Today, I when I wanted it again, I was surprised to find that it was not in its usual place in the drop-down plug-in menu. It was actually nowhere in the menu. So, I opened the plug-in manager and found it, then I moved it to an “imaging” folder. I clicked “Done”, and the plug-in manager closed instantly (without seeming to process my change at all). Indeed, the “Wider” plug-in was not in the desired folder. I double-checked that it had a check mark for successful validation, tried putting it in various other folders, then I tried creating a new folder; but, every time, the plug-in (as well as the new folders) did not show up in the drop-down menu. I tried re-scanning it in the plug-in manager, double-checked its location in the “components” folder, and even closed down Logic and re-opened it, but still the plugin I want cannot seem to be displayed for use. In fact, it seems that nothing that I do in the plug-in manager is recognized. Core audio is enabled, and all advanced preferences are selected…can anyone tell me what is wrong? Thank you!

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Have you recently upgraded to the new logic, the new logic doesn’t support 32 but plugins any more. So you won’t be able to use any plugins like wider.

However, go to the izotope website and download their free stereo widener, which I believe @mikael just done a video of as they’ve updated the GUI??

Anyways, now of old version, it’s much better than Widener and MMA’s there’s more flexibility. :slight_smile:

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Yes, Imager 2 is much better mainly for the scalable interface imho, and I assume 64-bit?

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Yes I think they are both 64. I may grab it at some point myself but I’m happy for now with the old one. I’m guessing the script will be the same though. ??

Thank you for your responses.

No, I am not able to get the upgrade yet, as I have an older MacBook Pro that won’t take Catalina. But that is okay, since Logic 10.4.8, which I have presently, works well for me, and I am in the middle of a project. (Besides I’m rather cautious about big, brand-new updates.) Last night I found that my missing Wider did show itself, but only on aux tracks…I’m not sure why. I very well may have only used it thus far on aux tracks and not realized it, and perhaps it only works on such tracks. (?)

As far as the izotope Imager, is it not basically the same as what was in Ozone 8 (I downloaded the free “Elements” version, and it included a stereo imager, that looks identical to the one demonstrated in Mike’s video.). I suppose I should take a closer look into using that plug-in, since you say that it is superior to the Widener, and I really haven’t used it much.

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Yes it is basically the same as in Ozone, but I don’t have Ozone myself…and honestly I prefer using my own custom chain of plugins for mastering.