Please take One Moment to listen

Hi Family! - Though I would share my latest tune, One Moment, for your review and comment. Really had a lot of fun with this one and have a funny story to tell about it. Originally this song was a medium tempo kind of soft number with a singer from Hungary. Tangentially I ordered a new studio desk from (the Platform Desk) and Output contacted me saying that the desk shipment was delayed and that I could select one of their sound libraries for free as a way of consolation. I selected the Exhale library and told them that it was a difficult choice for me as I was also enamored with their Signal library. Well, they sent me both! Talk about customer service! These libraries are stunning, and I dived headfirst with Signal on this song, and it was a total game changer. Really changed the entire character of the song. Check out - these guys are fantastic (and the desk is really, really nice!)

Sort of Prog Rock, sort of EDM, sort of my usual style salad creation

Creative Vision for the Track:
Originally a medium ballad, however changed to a kind of EDM Enya - the Singer is from Hungary, and she is fantastic - Look for Nazbrett on

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 130 Bpm, a min (main a min - F - C -C/b (bridge Stu Rock stuff in a min).

Main Instruments used: Real Bass, Real Electric Guitar, Arturia CS-80, Output Signal, Various splashes of color here and there, Logic Drummer driving UJAM Candy and Logic Sets simultaneously)



Great track Stuart. I really did like the guitar parts in the bridge. Great mix.

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Really like the song. Like the beat/groove; nice drive to it while maintaining its place behind the singer, who I really like for this song. The mix is great.
I think for me, unlike Matt, I thought the guitars in the middle sounded a little out of place with the rest of the sounds and style. Kind of broke up that groove that you’d established in the first part of the song. My two cents (which are worth about half of that…) But other than that, I really like what you did. Great job!


To paraphrase one of the canned heat members;" that was delightful…"
What passes for pop (pap) music of late mostly turns me cold.
Kudos for an interesting and well produced interlude.

Thanks Matt! I appreciate the feedback!

Hi Steve - Yeah, the guitar bridge was a difficult choice to kind of change the feel some while still keeping that am - F progression (which reappears at the end too). One thing I have been working on is splashing enough color around to keep the interest focused. Really appreciate the time to listen and comments!

Canned Heat is such an awesome group (still working it)! Glad you enjoyed the interlude, Ed!

listened to the whole track - that is very rare and good! - Nice vibe, upbeat Dido, good musical stretch on the bridge. After the bridge the vocals are up a good 2-3db higher than before the bridge. Consider doing that same boost about 54 seconds in, at the down down getting down, as the vocal tone and delivery is worth featuring sooner than later after the cool hazy in-mix start. Good work there Stuart.

Thanks Thomas - Agree, should have evened out the Vox - Thanks for the assist!

Very good music. Enjoyed it and it put me in a good mood! Great story about customer service. Loved the singer, also. Thank you for your music.