Please help with mixing and Mastering

Hello, I compose music on cubase and Kontakt, I don’t use external modules, all my sounds come from plug-ins within my cubase / Kontakt and through my sound card. I have only one problem is how to mix my work and master it to the right level for good commercial quality ( like films, YouTube CD, famous songs…etc)


Mixing/mastering is a pretty detailed subject. I’d suggest looking to online courses/tutorials or any books about the subject to get a beginning idea of what it’s all about. As far as mastering, many people use Izotope’s Ozone 9 mastering plugins in their mastering chain and load a reference track into their DAW that has a mix/master levels close to what they want their track to sound like and mix and master their track based on that.

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Cubase (especially the Pro edition) is very capable and flexible in the audio domain, and also comes with a bunch of potent plugins that can be used for mixing and mastering, so that should go a long way. (The most recent version also adds a nice visualizer, and a multiband dynamic compressor, with per-band sidechains, among other things.)

That said, you might want to look at iZotope’s Ozone (mastering) and perhaps Neutron (mixing). While their “AI” Assistants can’t blindly be trusted to do the job on their own (especially not with orchestral and the like), they can give you a starting point real quick. You can also look at what the AI does (it produces plugin chains with settings), and get a feel for the basics that way.

However, great results still call for human ears, creative vision, and specific goals. Mixing and mastering are not trivial things to do well, so it’s a good idea to leave it to experienced professionals if you really need/want the best possible results - but even if you go down that route, I believe it’s very useful to at least learn the basics.

Some resources you might want to check out:

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Thanks Matt /David :+1:I will do that

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