Please help me figure out the time signature of this beat I created

I feel like an idiot as I cannot seem to get a handle on what time signature this beat is in

Thank you so much

I wrote it in 4/4 but it does not seem to work with the metronome - maybe 8/8?

Sounds like the usual 4/4, except the clip starts a bit before what would appear to be the first beat… What does the 4/4 metronome sound like over this?

Are the “16ths” actually triplets or something…?

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David - thank you for responding

Here it is with the 4/4 metronome:

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The way I perceive the rhythm, it sounds like the metronome “1” lands on the third beat.

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Interesting - the first beat of the drum pattern begins on beat 1 of the region

Do you think I should align it differently or, is this a “valid” musical choice leaving it as is?

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Anything that works can be a valid choice. :smiley: It’s all about context. Backbeat or more unusual alignments can work perfectly fine in “mainstream” settings, as long as other instruments provide enough hints as to what’s actually going on. And of course, if the very intention is to make the music more interesting/challenging, and/or to have the average listener constantly slip into the backbeat, anything goes.

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