Percussions with damper pedal

Hi guys,

I’m really annoying with the library that I have at the moment for the percussive like glockenspiel, celesta, xylophone etc etc that they have not damper pedal, but they should…

Do you suggest me a library with this “particular” damper pedal?

This is annoying cuz they sounds very fake at my ear.

Thank you :smiley:

Quick check of the ones I have (might have missed some, and I have some more unusual instruments as well): HandHeldSound Scoring Mallets, Orange Tree Samples Pure Jazz Vibes, Spitfire JB Percussion (but only on vibraphone with motor, AFAICT), and NI Symphonic Percussion (celesta and vibraphone).

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Thank you so much, I think HandHeldSound Scoring Mallets are the best in my case, I would like to try it.

I’ll check if one of my friend composer has this library.

Thank you :wink:

EDIT: if someone would like to share other library is welcome :slight_smile:

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