PC/Apple Computer recommendations for music production?

Hey everyone!

After many struggle lately with my 8gb RAM 2016 MacBook Pro, I think it is time to invest into a new machine. I’m not sure where to start looking and was wondering if you guys had some recommendations?

My main DAW is Logic Pro, so initially I’d prefer to stay on Mac computers, but they are quite expensive and I’m not sure if I can afford one of the RAM heavy Mac. I’m not opposed to switch to Windows, and maybe change and learn another DAW like Cubase.

Thanks a lot!

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What’s your price range? Do you only use it for creativity? Under 1k Mac Mini for sure! Its an absolute beast.

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Forget overpriced mac and go for PC Never understand why people throw money away on a mac.

Probably because quality and reliability costs more :wink:

If you’re a Mac/Logic user and have mainly stock plugins then the M1 mac mini could work for you. I would definitely check that all your hardware and software is fully compatible first though. You’d probably also need some extra storage on external drives etc and a screen/mouse/keyboard.

Desktop PC is an also an option, a self build would likely give you more power and expandability for less money but you’d be on a new OS and DAW. Maybe try a demo of Cubase on your Mac and see if you like it.

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If you want to stay in MacOS and Logic, and you don’t mind risking some potential problems with plugins, there really hasn’t been a better time to buy a new M1 Mini. I upgraded from my old Macbook Pro to a Mini earlier this year. The value that you get with the machine is probably better than any comparably priced PC unless you do a self build. So far, I’ve been very happy with my upgrade and I have not run into any vital plugins or libraries that don’t work.

The issues I have with it are:

  1. Not enough ports. With my computer keyboard, midi controller, audio interface, and Spark guitar amp, I’ve filled up my ports. I have to trade out if I want to use my USB mic or plug in any external drives. I upgraded the internal drive on the machine so I wouldn’t need external drives, but I sometimes need to grab something off of a time machine backup from my Macbook. Going to pick up a multi-port add-on thing that connects to USB-C at some point to help with this problem. I’m only running 1 monitor screen on HDMI right now, so I’d need another USB-C port and dongle if I wanted to add a 2nd.

  2. Wifi is awful. I’ve got 4 Windows laptops and my old Macbook that can get way better wifi reception than the Mini setting on the same desk. I had to relocate my home router just to get the signal halfway decent.

I’d say for now my budget would be 2k max. And yes only for music creation. I heard that they might release a new Mac with a m2 chip? Might be worth waiting for that one

Any good PCs or brands to look for, for music composition?

Thanks a lot for the tip, I’ll investigate all that and see if I like Cubase. For now I think I might try to use VEP with an old PC that I have lying around.

Awesome, thanks a lot! I’ll have a look at the M1 Mini

For 2k, you can do quite a bit; OWC and iPower Resale have very good deals in that price range for desktops.
If you’re open to dealing with MS, you can build a pc with an i7 or an i9 with a great many composing goodies (internal storage, just for starters.)
Giving Cubase trial is an excellent idea if you’re set o leaving apple.
Personally, I’m not an apple fan boy ; they have their problems, but for me, the intuitivity of the software is worth it.
Good Hunting

You only wanna need for music production?
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