Pay to Win on Spotify? (with ads)

I must say I am very sceptical of this myself, but I found this video where he claims to have got good results on streams on Spotify…simply by advertising his own tracks/albums on Facebook:

PS. He uses a service for “hyping” your music:

I’m always skeptical to these kind of advertising too.
Is it legal?
10 dollars on a daily budget is quite much to.
Ain’t average streaming revenue like 1000 streams/1 dollar?

I can’t see why marketing your own music would be illegal in any way?

But I am not sure if it is possible to get success unless you do super popular genres of music with a wide reach of audience.

I think Spotify pays around 3 dollars per 1000 streams in total if you own 100% of all publishing etc. But those streams must be a certain amount of listening time to count as a stream. Just a few seconds and then skipping song will not give you anything an artist.

I was just afraid that the advertising method could lead to fake streams or anything else that could hurt your business. There are so many grey areas in today’s marketing tools.
Nothing wrong with marketing.

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Ah, yes that could be an issue I guess. If you somehow attract “bot traffic” you will get banned. But apparently he solved it with the method he used in this video, where people had to click one more button to open in Spotify. That way it got rid of the bots (according to him).

Th best way to go is networking with the different Playlisters in Spotify. It is there where the listeners are. At present you can place ads in Spotify n the US, when they get started in Europe I will be the first on to use it. It is in the Streaming Platforms where people listen to music. I’m not saying that FB, IG or even Tik Tok are useless to promote in for getting listeners and possiblest followers, its just that they are not so effective. The best place to showcase your music in is in the Streaming Platforms, where Spotify is even trying to improve the users listening experience by automatically recommending new music regardless of the popularity of a specific song (these are the famous algorithms). So if you intend to spend some money on promotion, the best way to go is to identify the Playlists that work with your music style and then start networking with them. Another good place is Submithub, although they are a bit limited when it comes to genres. Nevertheless it is a good place to get to know who’s who in the Playlist world. I also highly recommend acquiring the Playlist Catalogue from Indy Music, they ahem done a tremendous work identifying Playlists.

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I can actually vouch for this… but it’s not all it seems.

So I do a similar marketing strategy through Facebook ads… you get a lot of likes and clicks… if this is what you are after then great, just target Central America and you’ll get hundreds of likes in hours.

Facebook cheats a little though, as a post also goes out on Instagram.

Now Instagram is where the clickers are. I’d probably say this is the place to focus on… so my prediction is that if you were to do this type of thing directly from insta you’d get a much bigger reaction to your post. I’m going to try this at some point but this has been my experience.

Why do you underestimate Facebook advertising? If you promote your music intelligently on social media, you can get great results. Most artists promote their music online because the reach is so much greater. You can use TikTok, Instagram, Twitter to tell users how you are developing and introduce them to your work. If you want to promote your music directly on Spotify, you can use It’s a great option for aspiring artists. Sometimes advertising on social media might not be enough.