Part #2 - My Composition Process (Westworld)

Hey guys,

for you who are interested, I have dropped the second video about my Westworld Entry, and I’ll talk about my composition process, mixing here and there, and more mindset stories. Make a cup of tea, as it’s almost one hour! :wink:

PS: Sorry for uuhs and aahs, it’s for sure one of my weaknesses (good to know by the way!), and it was the reason why I stopped doing YouTube back in 2012, as I had no confidence after hearing all this comments “learn the language dude”, or “cut these uuhs out, it makes the video extremely annoying!”, however, today I see it differently, as my ambition was always to speak more English to have a third language in my arsenal to give me the chance to express myself, as good as I possibly can.

I need to say that I wouldn’t do it better in Russian or German, as it’s just my current level of communication, meaning that I uuh too, when I speak the other languages and sitting there for hours to cut it out, is not what will bring me success I believe, and the format is not where I want to spend days make it perfect, it’s not a course that I sell where I know it would be extremely annoying. Want to work on that in the future.

When I started doing YouTube I have realized that I have to implement my 80/20 rule here as well, to start making more videos, more regularly, so on a consistent basis. I know many, many people who sit there and record every single phrase 5x times and try to be perfect with every single video. I’m not into anymore.

But my English became much, much better after I started to write and record the videos, as I believe it’s just a practice versus confidence issue. I am not perfect, so please forgive me my friends! :slight_smile:

I hope you can grab something out of that one too! Enjoy and thank you for watching! :slight_smile:

To your success,
Alexey :slight_smile:


I like your channel and think it’s great that you’re doing it. Haven’t watched it enough due to lack of time but will catch up. As for uus and aahs, for me the actual information is more important than the clip being perfect. Most country leaders in the world have massive media training so no one is perfect.


Super nice to see a new video from you Alexey. And after reading your “introduction”, I have to say: I personally believe you (or no one else) should never have to apologize for who you are Alexey. You are doing a marvelous job with your videos, and I think you deserve to give yourself way more credit! :smiley:


Awesome Job man!

Your English was good so I wouldn’t worry about that at all. Your information was good, but the best thing that shon through on this video was your passion to encourage.

I think if you focus on anything, then this should be your mantra, as you are very inspiring to watch.

Also, your confidence comes across really well, which you implement much better than myself. So the an inspiration to myself in that sense also. One day I’ll be confident enough to do a video like this but I actually tend to take lots of small steps when I approach things so I will get there one day soon.

Keep on being an inspiration my friend! :smiley:


@Geoffers Thank you so much for your inspiring and kind words!

I guess I understand what you mean by “my mantra”, and I believe that you are right. I never wanted to create a channel that does the same stuff that everybody did before me. Of course, I can show music & audio stuff, however, I believe that my focus is to speak about the mindset stuff too, as many still don’t understand how important that topic is I believe. I’ll give my best. There was never a better time to make better music now! :slight_smile:

PS: By the way, don’t wait for “the perfect moment”, or for the moment where you think it will be right. It will never be. Start now, not tomorrow. Share your expertise and experience via video. People love watching other people share and do stuff and solve basic problems. And as a composer & engineer it’s a great way to show your future potential clients for free that you exist and know what you are talking about! :slight_smile:


Hey man it’s my pleasure. You deserve it. And I’m going as fast as I can. I’m often a slow mover on things, but I am moving :slight_smile: this time next month is my goal. By then I’ll have my first tutorial up. This is how I motivate myself. Also I’ve made it public now so you all can keep me accountable if you wish! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @Geoffers, I mean seriously there is nothing better in the world when you see that people resonate with your work! This is what it makes it worth every second, as this is what it makes my life fulfilling!

I am glad that I found that community with all the great people here inside, where we can speak honestly and open to ourselves. It really feels like a family! Reminds me something like Fast & Furious franchise “it’s all about family”. :slight_smile:

Supporting each other is what it makes the difference, as we see, hear and see the joy and energy. This is what a lot of people need to actually start doing and making an impact!

Please share your channel!