Paid Promotion, what's behind it?


yesterday I came across one of those “business inqueries” where they try to convince you to pay money for the chance of promotion to radiostations and Spotify playlists. Now I don’t take this kind of emails serious, but I’m still wondering if it’s just an evil business tactic or outright scam? Does anybody have some insight about that or was similarly approached?

Mail was sent by a Candace Brown. The title contained my SoundCloud Artist name plainly copied (I write my three music styles into the Artist field; when somebody just copies that it’s already a red flag). Following message:

Hey,Im Candace.I have some interest in working with you. I believe I can be an asset.With your permission I would love to elaborate.

I asked for further information, and got the following reply a day later:

Hey whats up, thanks for writing me back and for your interest! I want to talk about your music and helping you out.

I’m doing a Radio/Spotify blog tour. I also do Social media promo.
Basically what I do is get new music presenters and hosts to give you
placements on their radio,stations, spotify playlists,blogs and more. If
given a chance I feel like I can help with your exposure.ITS FREE TO TRY. YOU CAN TRY IT FREE FOR TWO MONTHS!
After your free months if you decide to continue its only $3.99 .With that tiny bit of money and some personal
investments out of my own pocket I’m able to generate consistent
opportunities and negotiate various influencers-promoters of different
shapes and sizes to introduce your music into their network of fans.

The tour will help grow your fan base and maximize your exposure to key
industry personnel. I have several deejays and participating spotify
playlist hosts already lined up and you can view them at the bottom of
the page.The tour has began and it’s free to try. When you have new radio stations,spotify
hosts and blogs hosting your music each month you get a rare situation wherein your exposure
potential is high quality and affordable.I’m also currently providing
gig opportunities to the tour through research as well as emailing agencies to potentially bring one on board :slight_smile:

Try it out and see if you like it ,if not you can always
cancel. You cancel on your own and don’t even need me to help you cancel. Even during your free trial. You have complete control. Again its free to try :slight_smile: Here’s the link -

Thanks for your time. I hope to work with you and if I’ve been an
inconvience I’m truly sorry and apologize for bothering you. I hope to
hear back from you.


Here are links to some hosts that have participated on the tour(Growing list)

H.North - -
813 Spotify followers and will be hosting your music on his Spotfiy
playlist which currently has 1600 followers

MuseBoat Radio - - with a dedicated
following roughly near 5,500 on Facebook Museboat will be hosting your
music on their station and providing social media posts along the way to
help promote the events.

Muzent - - a well managed
blog on the rise around 9,000 followers on FB alone ! Muzent will
writing up blog articles for musicians on the tour and hosting curated playlists for Soundcloud

Buzz Music Blog - - Buzz music blog (out of Los angeles) is an amazing blog with an excellent following, and well maintained professional site-they currently have 13 k followers on Instagram -…They are currently crafting blog pieces for musicians on the tour!

Kane 101FM- - Kane101fm hosted by JJKane is the defintion of exposure . Her show airs on 3600 stations worldwide! Her shows also are licensed and pays royalties! Kane 101fm is a new addition to the tour and a welcomed partnership that will bring more exposure to your music!

In combination I will also be doing promo on social media Facebook,Instagram and Twitter!Lets work!

If you check the links, the follower numbers don’t match up, and the styles they have in their “playlists” are far from what I produce, so it’s an obvious mass message. What’s curious though is that they offer 2 months for free, so they should provide at least some value if they care to get money at all. The PayPal link seems legit, so it’s not a phishing attempt either. Does somebody know more?

Are the playlists targeting your style of music? If not at all, I would consider it spam. If they truly are cinematic and ambient music like you focus on, then you might want to take this further and try. Just my thoughts. :slight_smile:

It’s Rock and Indie Pop. Also talking about “Gig opportunities”. So they didn’t check at all what the music of the artists is about when they send the message.

Then I would personally just ignore it as spam, probably sent out to 1000s of accounts

I replied this week asking why there are so many things not matching up. What I got from them was a lawsuit threat. :laughing: I think that concludes the story about this “agency”.

Lawsuit threat?! Wtf…alright move one, maniac warning on that “agency” lol.

Greetings. Thanks for the insight. I got the exact same email from a guy named Miguel. He pitched exactly the same copy and paste scam that you received. He said he found my music on SoundCloud. Immediately with everything he was promising red flags went off. First off who is touring right now…Uh nobody, because there is a global pandemic going on. :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:Not to mention I have over 15 years of music industry experience. I know how the game works. So thanks again for confirming what I already figured. It’ a Sham and Scam. Don’t fall for it.


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I think all of us have experienced this dark and sad part of the music industry, you kind of have to learn to see the red flags. This one was pretty obvious though. :stuck_out_tongue: