Padriac's War - Epic Battle Music


I wasn’t in the forum much this month, but did try to put something together.

This piece is in g min. I have 7 tempo changes thru the piece. It starts in 4/4, goes into 6/8 for the Irish flute melody, then back to 4/4. I layered synth sounds from eDNA with orchestral sounds; low brass, French horns, low strings and Orchestral Grand piano thru the Auto Filter to get the ‘explosive’ sound I was looking for. Junkie XL covered this in one of his vlogs. I have a way to go.

The bagpipes and Irish flute are from the Kontakt library. One of the bagpipes is de-tuned for realism. This piece uses percussion from Albion I & II with the European Folk Kit from Kontakt and a snare from the Garritan Orchestra.

I used close mic’ing where I could and removed the reverb from the samples trying for a better blend by applying it at the end. I think I’m hearing more than I was six months ago. Still a way to go with sound design.

Finally, I’m also working on trying to tell a story in 2 minutes or less.

Suggestions are always welcome.

Happy New Year!


Just my to pence :slight_smile: : I like the style, reminds me of the patriot film.
theres certain parts where i think heres too much going on with the bapgpipes and flute ( in the second half) so the ‘melody’ as it were is getting a bit lost, seems a bit chaotic, but wasn’t sure if that’s the feel you were going for :slight_smile: don’t be afraid to simplify sometimes and double up melody with other instruments .

Really nice track overal though

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Thanks Ben. Yes, I was going for ‘chaotic’ but do think there’s too much going on. So maybe a little too chaotic. Most of the time working on this was spent removing parts that were just redundant and didn’t really help. I was also topping out of memory. At the end (maybe not something to mention in a contest) I didn’t know where to go, so went with what I have.

Hey! Really like those W. Very unique. Wouldn’t have thought of layering braams and bag pipes in the same piece! Really cool! Also a big fan of eDNA too, used it in my piece a bit. Check out Flow motion by waves. It’s very cheap and sounds incredible (if you haven’t already). Well done!

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What may help in those parts is thinking about frequency spectrum. Its possible they’re fighting against each other cause they’re all in the middle low spectrum. Try pushing the violins up higher to help separation , sometimes that’s all it needs :slight_smile:

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