Out with the old ..in with the new

Pulling out my roland a70 master controller and replacing it with a native instruments s88 mk 2 …(lower tier in the background )…im ashamed to say I bought this back in early december and only managed to test its functionality …now to get hooked up and running!

…My life is finally slowing down enough I can get back to the studio ,!


Looks like a corner in a music gear shop :wink:

How are you liking the NI keyboard so far?

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The keyboard is very nice …the workflow is great …the fatar keybed feels really nice too, but a bit of an adjustment from my Roland 88 key controller (a90)…the a90 has the pf4 keyboard bed which I have been using for years …So it’s a different feel…overall a great product …

Yes , I have been asked on occasion what store I was in when I took the selfie lol…

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