Orchestration Recipes

Hey all,

Here is a link to a site I discovered randomly that I think might be of great interest and use to many here, including myself. This is a unique series of videos and score demonstrations of different orchestration techniques called “Orchestration Recipes.” The creator, Philip Johnston, demonstrates how to write different orchestral sounds and textures by using a specific “recipe” of instruments and how to combine them. It’s a very unique approach, and I’m looking forward to try them out myself.



Agree this looks interesting

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Thanks I will check it out!

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Where are these recipes?.. I just saw a page where they try to sell you a package… This is what you mean?.,… I thought it was a free youtube video.

The YouTube video is advertising courses being sold on the website.

Looks good, but I’ve subscribed to Skillshare for Mike’s videos and together with tips and techniques I continuously pick up from others (YouTube generally), I’m gradually making progress over how I began over a year ago with BBCSO Discover.

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