Orbital Walk (Majestic Music Contest)

Hi guys, here’s my contest entry.

In my personal vision, the concept of majestic is an ideal of timeless magnificence, something noble that outlives a man’s life, and somehow always equal to itself. My idea was then to build the track around a bass, slow ostinato, to suggest some cosmic cyclic movement, like a planet’s orbit.

Here’s some more specific info about the track:

  • DAW and plugins used: FL Studio, Sonuscore - The Orchestra Complete

  • The form is A-B-A with a coda.

  • The A part is not strictly based on chords but rather built around repeating melodic lines, playing on the bass ostinato, anyway they could imply the chords C9maj7, Ebmaj7/C, Fmaj7(add#4)/C (or F lydian/C), G7sus4/C.

  • The B part starts with a C9 chord, then modulates in a theme in F, to finally come back in C with the sequence D-7, C#7 (that is a classic II-V movement with a tritone substitution for G7).

  • The A reprise offers a Tempo di Bolero Moderato Assai (albeit in 4/4 :slight_smile:)

Good listening!


Riccardo - well done. A tribute to Bolero (and his original tempo)! :slight_smile: Some nice colours abound of the melody vs the ostinato as well as thoughtful orchestrations.

Although it suits the tack, the harp is larger than life sounding. In a realistic presentation, you place it more on the stage versus across the stereo spread.
Since the harp is so prominent, maybe two harps, one on each side of the stage would be interesting.


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Thank you very much for the comment Brandon, the hints about the harp are gold and I’ll take them into account for sure in my next compositions.

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I really liked this :slight_smile:

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Grazie mille… anzi, thank you Luca! :smile:

Really good, Riccardo. I love the harmony evolution and the hypnotic sense. Everything equilibrated and cautiously under control. Amazing.

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You’re very kind Vicente, have to say it’s been a lot of work to take everything under control indeed, as you noticed. Very appreciated.

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