Orb Composer Pro S 1.5 (A.I Composing Software) - Review

I’ve been testing out some AI composer software from Hexachords. This is new territory for me on this one but hopefully someone will find it interesting. Here’s my video review of Orb Composer Pro.

Thanks for sharing William! :slight_smile:

It’s certainly a fascinating territory, even though somewhat controversial. :wink:
I would welcome some parts of AI help, like we already done with mastering analysis in Ozone, voice analysis in Nectar 3 etc. The tools so far has not been that impressive in my humble opinion, as I am personally looking for different kinds of solutions.

For me, I would love having an AI plugin convert my chord progression MIDI region into for example, ostinatos, arpeggios, rhythmic chords etc. would be wonderful. Especially if I could tell the AI which the accented beats should be, the energy level and stuff like that. :slight_smile:

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I understand the concerns as I share them myself, however after trying out Orb I don’t believe they are intending to remove composers from the process (which seems to be the main concern with AI).

I agree with yourself though, I’d be more interested in a set off smart tools as you suggest, something that could intergrate into my DAW. I suppose they are already a few such tools and Izoptope are moving more into the AI mixing space.

I think there’s some fun experiments to be had with Orb though, it does throw up some very interesting ideas, although I found many to be miles away from useful.

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