One Possible Way To Run A Big Template With A Weak Computer

Hey guys,

add-on numero 3 is out! Specifically, for everyone who wants to have a huge template but doesn’t have a powerful computer aka. CPU. Enjoy!

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story of my life

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Tell me more! What issues do you have? :slight_smile:

Hi Alexy…

Am a newbie to DAW production so my question may be basic.

Is your workaround that you should use multiple Kontakt instruments on one track instead of having them on multiple tracks?

Just wondering…


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Hi Mike, fair question, however, I thought I already answered in the tutorial as far as I have understood your question…so here is a picture again…

Just as an example: You load up your Kontakt instances inside the template or project and realized that your CPU can’t handle 300 K-instances…you could work around what I have suggested in the tutorial. Instead of loading one Kontakt for one single patch, you can use just one Kontakt for multiple patches. The pic shows what I mean. DMG Metal has 3 patches, and I have loaded them inside only one Kontakt. Otherwise, I need to use two other instances and my CPU will use more resources.

There is another way that is called “multi-timbral”, however, I don’t like it, as it gives me no option to do flexible automation etc. It was very useful back in the days, as CPU was very weak…however, today, it’s a big issue anymore…of course, depending on the track count. What I do in my template is not what most people out there are doing…personally I only know a handful of people who create large templates for their music. All other people start every single time from scratch. If you don’t have a lot of libraries, patches, sounds, you don´t need to create large templates. You can still load some of your favorite patches inside the project, save it, and use it the next time again, so you just save a lot of time when starting all over again. A template can be 1000+ instruments…but as well like 50. Even with 20 you can already create amazing music. And if you like the piano, you need only one single Kontakt instance. :slight_smile:

i feel like we should pay you for this video.

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Thank you for such a great feedback! Well, I will do another video about why I started this channel, and I will tell some things about education and online-education. If you feel you’ve learned something and want to support the channel to grow, under the video is a link to buy me a coffee :coffee:. I haven’t mentioned it yet. I don’t want to force someone, so it’s up to everyone to decide whether they want to support or not.

I am glad that you’ve found the video useful. That’s the most important thing! :slight_smile:

the coffee idea is interesting never seen that one before anywhere. decaffeinated or caffeinated? I have to watch the video again with a good drink cause there’s a lot in there.

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Yeah, buy me a coffee exists like for more than a year now…at least what I know…and it’s similar to Patreon, but not only focused on subs, but gives people & supporters the chance to spend a coffee to the creator without paying monthly…like a “tip”. So no need to pay monthly whatsoever. So, as I have said, if you or someone else want to support with a small “tip”, buy me a coffee is the best option. And I think that it sounds even more cooler than just saying…“Paypal donation button” is in the link down-below. Please support the channel, otherwise I will not survive the next day…" haha So, later I can just say: “Hey, want to support the channel? Cool! Just buy me a coffee!” :slight_smile:

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