One Good Morning

Hi! I wanted to share one of my recent Tracks that i’ve composed & produced on Cubase Pro 10.5. I hope you like it, it’s in the AAA Form.

Genre/Style: Cinematic Music

Creative Vision: I wanted to share some good and hopefull feeling that makes one remember that there is always hope and good people that can lend you a hand on difficult times.

Composition Details: 140bmp, 4/4, F-C-G mostly

Main Instruments/libraries: I used Cinematic Studio Strings, Native Instruments Piano The Grandeur, Eastwest Hollywood Brass, Heavyocity Damage Percussion, strezov sampling choir for the chorus, and a hardware synth for the sub bass (korg Volca Bass) that adds that modern and driving movement to the lowend.

One Good Morning:

I hope you enjoy the feeling, have a great week !




I really enjoy it! A calm but exciting feeling, it’s a very good morning haha!

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Very peaceful composition Javier, I liked that you used the choirs way in the background for support! Perhaps the percussion is a bit too close for the atmosphere though, so my suggestion would be to pull them down in the mix a bit. :slight_smile:

PS. I took the liberty to change your profile name to Javier, since we have a rule in this community that every member must use their real name (at least first name) as their profile name. I made this rule when I started this forum because I want everyone to be able to address member’s by their name. It makes the community atmosphere more like “friends/family”. :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much for the feedback! It is very apreciated to improve the quality of the production. :smiley:

I didn’t notice about the name, I apologize!

I agree 100% about the use of real names in the comunity, it adds more familiarity to the forum.

Have a great sunday!


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I’m glad you liked it, thank you!

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good happy sound song

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