Once Upon a Time.... My new track

Once Upon a Time… my new track:


DAW: Reaper 6,
Spitfire Labs, Epic Strings, Brass, Woodwinds,
Project Sam - The Free Orchestra
SSC Taiko Drums

I Used Neutron 3 Elements btw for EQ and Compression, which is free atm…

Just let me know, what you think of the mixing… Thats where I still struggle a lot…

Thanks and keep all safe my friends,


I think your mixing skill is very good. It’s the old story let 20 people hear your mix 10 will like 10 will not. Who’s right? you know it’s a subjective field. So it is to me a situation where you at some point have to follow your own instincts. Having said that we should listen to what others have to offer to help us. In this case I can’t see anything wrong with your mix in my opinion.
Great piece of music.

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Thank you David, glad you like it!

Stay safe,