On This Earth - a song on being born into this world

Genre/Style: Pop jazz. Disclaimer: I’m not a professional composer.

Creative Vision for the Track: It’s about being born in this world, with all the challenges it brings up but also all the beauty it holds. I wanted it to be gentle because we all have a child within that needs comforting, and this is what it’s about.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): It’s a simple progression, I-IV-VII-V in A major at the beginning, colored with diminished chords and the tension of separation the sus chords.
It starts with a descent into matter at the intro, and suggest a re-integration in to spirit with the two final notes going up as a slur on the vocalist’s part.
There are two refrains, a chorus and a bridge at the end with a variation on the refrain. In the bridge, the main melody also is reinterpreted by the guitar 3 degrees higher to indicate that theme has been sublimated into spirit.

Main Instruments used: I wrote this song on the guitar, so the piano just accompanies the song. The bass makes use of triplets to indicate the passage of earth-bound life to the soul world. 4 is matter, 3 is spirit. Michelle Foster is the vocalist.

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Very beautiful. Also very comforting.

Thank you Dori for taking the time to listen and making this comment.

The singer sounds very warm and fits perfectly…